“Home Improvement Contractors in New Jersey are highly regulated.  Failure to comply with the regulations adopted by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs could easily expose a Contractor to liability under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  A violation of the regulations could (1) deny a Contractor the right to payment and (2) lead to a judgment against the Contractor for damages a home owner can prove are related to the Contractor’s violation entitling the home owner to recover treble (3x) that amount of damages plus attorney’s fees and costs.
Any Home Improvement Contract worth over $500.00 is required by regulation to include very specific items or the contract could be considered illegal and unenforceable.  The link below is “flyer” from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs website.  It provides a list of the required terms.  The NJDCA website itself has a wealth of information for Contractors.  It is recommended that Contractors visit the website and call the NJDCA with any compliance questions.”